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I agree, it's not as if developing applications for the Mac is hard - it costs next to nothing and there are plenty of amateurs churning out amazing software on the new OS X App Store. Brought a mac about a year ago to help me on my photography course at uni.

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Like previously stated, once you own a mac, your not likely to switch back to windows. That is certainly the case for me. Sony need to make their software available for mac users, it can't be that difficult to write the software over to the mac.

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Besides wanting media Go for mac, make pc companion available for mac users. I own the sony ericsson x10 and it has a major update Sony fix this! Threads like this have been going on for over 12 months now across the net, Sony get a move on and deliver! It's not that Sony wants you to buy a new computer for incompatablity issues with your Mac, it's just that since Media Go converts media files, Apple is scared of the risk of DRM issues in the future if it were to be available for Macs.

This is rediculas. Shiped it in mutipule times, no effect. I just bought a mac. Got free ground shipping and still got here in to days! Get on the ball SONY!!!

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I sent a message to the moderators a month ago There is not nor will there ever be any version of Media GO! Sure virtual box works but the lengthy process is in no way user friendly The obtuse lack of regard to Mac users is as dumb as the comments on this thread slagging off Mac's. Consumerism is about one thing Regardless of the choice you make or how much you spend you expect a certain level of support from the manufacturer.

Yes Mac's are expensive Thanks for nothing Sony! I advise all other Mac users to do the same!

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Sign in to continue. Download Media Go 1. Download gratis per Windows. Opinioni utenti su Media Go. Niente Psn Altri commentato il 26 novembre Non te ne andare senza il tuo download! Media Go Una suite versatile e gratuita per tutti i tuoi media. Download e installazione della Guida.

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  • Le migliori alternative gratuite. La tua valutazione per Media Go -. Is there any way that I can tell it for the USB stick connected to not convert anything and just to sync them?

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    Is there some way you can edit a Media Go program file that will tell it not to convery any of the files when it syncs or to convert files of a specific type? I suspect for all the Sony devices it knows all the file formats they support so its no problem, but when you sync to a plain old USB stick which the device you use it on could supoort anything it always converts FLAC files and it never converts AAC, like it's assuming whatever you are going to plug the USB stick into is always capable of playing AAC files and not capable of playing anything else except MP3 files.

    The only semi work around is to deselect the "Only encode audio when required by device" which will then convert every file to the selected format, but as I said the problem then being it takes a long time since it converts everything and it also converts the files which are already MP3 or AAC if you are converting to AAC. Surely there must be a config file or something that stores everything which you could edit to tell it that when connected to a USB stick to either convert none of the files at all, or convert only a specific format etc?

    I know this is an old post but its the only one on this topic showing up in Google. I have been trying to get lossless tracks onto a USB for my car and finally found out how to do this - it is in Media Go Help but not very obvious. A menu will appear and you select the option to not convert there.

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